BGP Lab using Arista vEOS and Vagrant

This post demonstrates how to quickly deploy a BGP lab with Arista vEOS and Vagrant.


Software Prerequisites To Build Lab

  1. Vagrant
    • I used version 1.9.5
  2. VirtualBox
    • I used version 5.1.28
  3. Download vEOS-lab virtualbox image
    • I used
    • If you need help installing Arista box image for use with Vagrant click here
  4. Vagrantfile and Shell scripts


After Satisfying Prerequisites – Vagrant Up!

After copying or downloading my GitHub repo to your local machine, navigate to the directory containing the Vagrantfile and issue a “vagrant up”…if all goes well you will end up with the topology shown below with SSH access into all the switches…



Happy Labbing!!!

If you want to dig into all the knobs of how the switches in this lab are configured I recommend reviewing the Vagrantfile and Shell scripts in my GitHub repo .  Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or feedback.


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