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This post is a collection of study materials I used to successfully pass the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam


Online Training

Practice, Practice, Practice (labs)

Katacoda Kubernetes Playground found here is a two node K8s cluster that can be used to test many concepts such as:

More Practice (in browser labs)

The below “in browser” labs cover specific kubernetes concepts that I found to be extremely valuable:

Pro Tips (things to know before exam)

  • comfortable generating certificates (.key, .crt, .csr, x509)
  • managing services (status/start/stop/restart/enable/reload)
  • working with unit files (cat/show/edit)
  • view logs for service (journalctl -u kubelet)
kubectl command (create a Pod YAML spec)
  • kubectl run "pod_name" --image=nginx -o yaml --dry-run --generator=run-pod/v1 > save_to_pod_file.yml
kubectl command (create a Deployment YAML spec)
  • kubectl run "deployment_name" --image=nginx -o yaml --dry-run > save_to_deployment_file.yml

Useful Links



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