Network Telemetry and the TIG Stack

TIG = Telegraf + InfluxDB + Grafana

Deploy a fully functional TIG stack on your local machine that is ready to receive streaming network telemetry with a single command!

What is the TIG Stack?

A powerful open source software stack that consists of three components:

  • Telegraf – collects, processes, aggregates and writes metrics
  • InfluxDB – time series database
  • Grafana – metric analytics & visualization suite

Streaming Network Telemetry Resources

  1. Enterprise Streaming Telemetry and You: Getting Started with Model Driven Telemetry
  2. Streaming BGP Route and Neighbor Counts with MDT
  3. GitHub: Cisco model-driven telemetry (MDT)
  4. GitHub: This directory contains YANG models for Cisco platforms
  5. YouTube: Streaming telemetry: The value of “realtime” analytics for the network

Prerequisites to Building Local TIG Stack

Vagrant Up!

After satisfying prerequisites navigate to directory containing Vagrantfile and issue “vagrant up”! Wait a few minutes and you should have the TIG stack up and running on your local machine ready to receive network telemetry as shown below…

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